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Teaching with Technology

This guide will include all the online teaching tools that AUA is using.

Blended Learning

Blended learning is a mix of face to face and online teaching methods. It entails students attending the class but at the same time reading and preparing homework online. Part of the classes can be taught online, where the instructor can meet and discuss with students the lecture in asynchronous or synchronous mode, using the Learning Management System. As well as continue the lectures in the university.  

How to Start Teaching Online

Here are some brief steps of  moving the Face-to-Face class to Online:  

  • Practice Active involvement 

  • Be Supportive 

  • Organize Course Content 

  • Add Visuals, but do not overburden the content 

  • Explain Your Expectations Clearly 

  • Scaffold The Activities 

  • Provide Examples 

Taken from How to be a Better Online Teacher: Advice Guide.