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McGraw-Hill Connect Tutorials: Smart Book

Free Access to Connect platform till the end of May 2020. Video Tutorials to help students and instructors create and use MC Graw Hill Connect accounts and resources.

SmartBook Overview

A brief overview of the resources available in SmartBook and the adaptive learning and reading experience.

SmartBook Video Series Practice

The Practice Phase and reinforcing the students' comprehension of what they just read.


SmartBook Video Series Reports

The SmartBook Student Reports and how students can use these to study more efficiently.

Smartbook Read Phase

The Read Phase and how SmartBook highlights the most impactful concepts the student needs to know at that moment.

SmartBook Video Series Recharge

The Recharge Phase and showcase how students are asked to review key concepts from previous chapters to push that content to long-term memory.

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Armine Melikyan