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Open Access: Why Open Access?

Why to publish Open Access?

Start publishing in Open Access Repositories to have a deeper impact on academia, the research progress, and society.


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Benefits for the Authors

What are the advantages of Open Access publishing for the authors?


  • Increased Visibility: which will increase the chances of your work being used and cited in other research works by other academic scholars.


  • Outreach and Influence: your work as a researcher will be available to a broader range of audience, including decision-makers and influential readers outside the academia in the business, government, and non-government fields.

Benefits for the Academia & Research

How Open Access influences the academia, scholarship, and research?

Open Access addresses two critical challenges that hinder and threaten scholarship and research progress:

  • Ever-increasing journal subscription fees create a barrier for the academic community in developing countries to access research and scholarly peer-reviewed work, which affects the openness and transparency of science.

  • On the other hand, expensive publishing and subscription fees create a reproducibility crisis that hinders the progress of scientific research.

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