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Open Access: What can I do for OA?

Want to support OA publishing?

What can we do for OA?


To empower the Open Access movement is to empower openness, transparency, and reproducibility in science which is critical for scholarship and research progress especially in developing countries. 

Find out what you can do as faculty, scholar, student, librarian, funder, administrator or decision-maker for the Open Access movement, in the following handouts from

What Can Faculty Do for Open Access?

  • Submit your research articles in Open Access journals or repositories
  • Serve in the editorial board of an Open Access journal
  • Encourage peer scholars to publish Open Access too

What Can Librarians Do for Open Access?

  • Launch and support an Open Access institutional archive.
  • Encourage and help faculty to publish their articles in the institutional archive.
  • Promote Open Access journals and resources to the library users.
  • Reject or cancel the subscription to journals and databases that do not justify their high prices.
  • Show the benefits of Open Access to the community.

What Can Research Funders Do for Open Access?

  • Give grants to new Open Access journals.
  • Except for some reasonable cases, add a condition of OA publishing of the funded research's outcome.
  • Help to publishing the funded research results in OA journals by funding the article processing fee.

What can Universities and Administrations Do for Open Access?

  • Adopt policies that encourage and help the faculty to publish in OA journals and repositories, retain the copyright of their work, and condition that all theses and dissertations should be available OA in the institutional repository.
  • See that the university launches an Open Access institutional repository or archive.

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