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How to Sign In

Go to the Moodle site and then click on log in, it is on the upper right corner of the home page.


Logging into Moodle

You can access Moodle by:

After Logging In

  • As you log in you will see all classes that are being taught in AUA
  • Go to My courses, which is from left side under Home panel  

  • Choose the one that you are teaching if you are an instructor
  • Choose the course and enroll yourself if you are a student
  • Do not forget to fill in your personal information in the Moodle. Go to My Profile, it is in the upper right corner, under your First and Last name. Click on Edit Profile and fill in the required fields. After finishing click on Update profile.



Course design

How to design a Moodle course with blocks, resources, and activities
  • How to Build and Edit Moodle Course Settings
  • How to Add Activities and Resources to the Course
How to build and edit the course. Handout. 
How to add Activities and Resources. Handout.
How to add information to the course. Handout. 
How to add blocks in the course page. Video Tutorial. 
How to create a TurnItIn assignment. Handout. 
How to embed a Link to a File or a Webpage. Handout. 
How to add a Syllabus or a Single File. Handout. 
How to create an Assignment. Handout. Video Tutorial. 
How to create a Quiz and add a question. Handout. Video tutorial.
How to create a Web Page. Handout.
How to post a Web Link. Handout.
How to create a Glossary. Video tutorial. 
How to create a Forum. HandoutVideo tutorial. 
How to use a Book resource. Video tutorial.
How to use Google Drive for uploading heavy files and sharing in Moodle. Handout. 

Engaged and Active communication

How to actively engage students in your online course
  • How to hold an online meeting and record the session 
  • Create an interactive synchronous discussion 
  • Post Voiceover presentations via VoiceThread tool. 
How to add a Zoom session to the Moodle course. HandoutWeb site  
How to add a Chat session in a Moodle course. Handout 
How to use Choice for voting. Video tutorial 
How to post a voiceover presentation in the Moodle course. Handout. Web site. 


Moodle Gradebook setup and Grading
  • How to create grade items and categories
  • How to view, add and change grades
  • Grade aggregation methods: Sum of Grades, Simple Weighted Mean, Weighted Mean
  • How to Grade assignments, quizzes in the Moodle
Grading methods; Simple direct grading, Marking guide, Rubric. Handout 
How to create Grade Items and Categories in the Gradebook. Handout 
How to set up the Gradebook and select the Grade Aggregation Method. Handout 
How to add, view, and change grades in the Gradebook. Handout 
How  Moodle calculates grades. Handout 
How to grade TurnItIn assignment in the Moodle. Handout 
How to grade Assignment in the Moodle. Handout 


Classroom Assessment and Feedback

Classroom Assessment and Feedback 
How to add a Questionnaire. Handout 
How to enable Activity completion in the Moodle course page and activities. Video Tutorial  
How to view course reports. Video Tutorial 

Additional Moodle Tips

Additional Tips
  • How to enroll students manually
  • How to create an enrolment key 
  • How to create Groups and Groupings
How to enroll users into the Moodle course. Handout 

How to create an enrolment key. Handout  

How to create virtual Groups and Groupings in the Moodle course. Handout